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Please allow the full make up time when ordering funeral tributes. Ordering over night does not always mean we can make your order in time. For emergency orders please phone us.

Casket Sprays

Double Ended Casket Spray
from £150
Double Ended Spray Pinks
from £115
Double Ended Spray Whites
from £115

Funeral Arrangements

Luxury Pastel Arrangement
Pastel Arrangement
from £75
Pink Rose Vase

Funeral Baskets

Florist Choice Basket
from £25
Basket Arrangement
from £30
Country Style Basket
from £30

Funeral Crosses

Celtic Cross
Floral Cross
from £90
Loose cross
from £60

Funeral Cushions

Based floral Cushion
from £45
Based Cushion
from £55
Based cushion muic note
from £65

Funeral Hearts

Based Heart
from £45
Based Heart Red & Green
from £110
Based Heart Red & White
from £75

Funeral Letters

Based Dad Frame
Based Nan Frame
Dad Frame

Funeral Pillows

Allotment Tribute
Based Pillow
Big Dad pillow

Funeral Posies

Florist Choice Posy Arrangement
from £30
Contemporary Posy
from £50
Loose Posy pad
from £40

Funeral Sheaves

Florist Choice Sheaf
from £30
12 Rose Sheaf
3 Rose Sheaf

Funeral Sprays

Double ended Spray
from £60
Orange Single Ended Spray
from £35
Pink and Mauve Double Ended Spray
from £60

Funeral Wreaths

Florist Choice Wreath
from £45
Blue funeral wreath
from £45
Classic Wreath
from £65

Personalised Tributes

2-d Box Van
2-d Hammer
2-d Vulcan Plane

Religious Tributes

Celtic Cross
Hindu Tribute
Sikh Tribute

Sports Tributes

Charlton Badge
Chelsea Badge
Cricket Tribute

Urn Floral Tributes

Calla Lily Urn Crescent
Urn Crescent
Urn Wreath



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